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This is the place for bff club members to express themselves and get to know one another. It's a way for members of bff to support other members and to promote eachother's virtual lives in There. We can join member clubs and buy from their auctions and even keep in touch. This is where you can share feedback and ideas. Some members have sent e-mail asking what they can do to help: add content, we need your clubs, auctions, and whatever you do that's fun in There.

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 This is our club let's make it great! As you know Bff stands for Best Friends Forever and it's a place for really cool people to be together in There. So let's hang out!

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Club member and talented amazing designer DreamWeaver made a Softly Dreaming Outfit...she says: "I'm so glad you like the outfit.   I thought of it when I heard your name. It couldn't have been more perfect for a name." Her description on her website:"This outfit is named after avie softlydreaming. It is made of lace, brocade and silk. Wear this outfit for a wedding, or a special event when you are in the mood for a soft white outfit that is elegant and unique."  the outfit includes a top, skirt, boots, and pants.